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A fun story with a great message and beautiful illustrations

I enjoyed Bo the Bat. He’s very cute with his top hat, but that’s not all. Bo would like to go Trick- or- Treating with children, but they are all afraid of him so Bo makes a plan. He explains that bats do good things, like get rid of lots of bugs at once.Readers will learn fun facts like bats are not really blind, but they have trouble seeing things at night so they send out beeping sounds to help them find their way around. Children will also learn what wings do for bats. There are more fun facts at the end of the story. Children are sure to enjoy this story. I highly recommend it.
Review by children’s author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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wonderful, educational book by Barbara A. Mojica!
A fun story with a good, thought provoking message

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