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A Halloween reading list

Halloween, Halloween… it’s weird when you find yourself doing more posts about Halloween than you will ever do about, say, Christmas or New Year’s Eve.
It’s like Halloween has become the Web’s main festivity.
A festival of ghosts, spooks and dead people.
Seems fitting.

So, why not suggest a reading list for Halloween?
And considering we are cheapskates, why not a list of free ebooks?

Let’s see…

9838147I have already suggested Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, that you can download from the Canadian website, Fadedpage.
From the same page you can download in various formats two collections of horror stories by British author E.F. Benson, Visible and Invisible, from 1923, and Spook Stories() from 1928.
And then they carry All Hallows Eve, by Inkling Charles Williams, a ghost novel set in post-war London, and first published in 1945.

41C71eD3XkL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_Should you prefer a non-fiction book, there is a copy of David Punter’s A Companion to the Gothic available in various formats in the Internet Archive, where you will also find The Movie Treasury – Horror Movies() by Alan G. Frank, and A Pictorial History Of Horror Movies by Denis Gifford; both old, but beautifully illustrated with movie stills.
In the same vein (see what I am doing here?) is The Vampire Cinema by David Pirie.

5012b9bb6bd9ea511a77ada4cd6e299bFrom Project Gutenberg, another treasure trove of fun horror stories, I add Bram Stoker’s Dracula straight away, simply because I read a few hours ago an opinion on Facebook about the novel being slow and devoid of tension, and I had to wash my eyes with bleach (and block the mindless dork).

And then I add one final title, one of my favorite novels, and the oldest in this selection, William Beckford’s Vathek, an Arabian Tale, a wonderful and depraved story of magic and horror set in the world of the Arabian Nights.

There – you have enough to keep you busy in the nights from here to Halloween.

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