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A Little #Nonsense, Now And Then... relished by the wisest men. ;-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Here's a little nonsense for you to help brighten your day. Enjoy! :-)

So...I have a cat; I call him The Small. He's not particularly small for a cat, just sort of average cat size. But he was small when he adopted me and the name kind of stuck. Anyway, The Small is a black and white tuxedo kitty who is prone to confusion, which results in odd behavior, at times.

The other day, The Small was taking a bath in the middle of my living room. After all, what better place? And he decided to wash his tail. Unfortunately for him, his tail seemed to have other ideas.

He turned around to reach it, but every time he turned, it followed him. Then, he decided to fold himself in half. But the moment he licked it, it twitched away. He grabbed it with one of his paws, pinning it to the floor, and that worked for a while. But then he relaxed into the bath and loosened his grip, and it got away.

By this point, it was pretty clear that The Small was getting aggravated, and he growled at his tail. But the tail didn't seem particularly impressed, and it just kept swishing back and forth. The Small tried to show it who was boss by grabbing and biting the tail. But the tail must have bitten back, because The Small yelped and jumped away.

Now, The Small is no quitter, and he turned right back around to give that tail what-for. But, wouldn't you know it, that sneaky tail had followed him, and it was hiding in his shadow.

Fortunately, it's not easy to fool a Small for long, and he caught on to the tail's game and jumped around fast to catch it before it could get away. Still, that tail was pretty fast, and it led The Small on a little bit of a chase, around and around in a circle, before finally surrendering.

The Small celebrated his victory by pinning that tail down and thoroughly washing it until it shined. When he was done, he looked up and yowled about his tail-wrestling prowess so all the world would know. His tail seemed to agree, because it followed close behind him, waving like a banner to show off how clean it was.

The parade lasted a good ten minutes, up the stairs and down again, over tables and behind chairs. The Small and his tail were so obviously proud of themselves, I just didn't have the heart to point out that the whole production would have been easier on them both if they had just worked together. Ah, well. #TrialsAndTribulationsOfCatLife

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