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A mission statement of sorts

OK, let’s do it.
You see, yesterday I commented on my friend Victoria’s blog, on a post she wrote about our personal mission statement – that is, what our life is about, what we are trying to accomplish, what we are trying to be.

Victoria’s guidelines for writing a personal mission statement are straightforward and just a little macabre – imagine people talking about you at your funeral. What would you like them to say?
That’s your mission statement.


Now, I’ve been thinking about mortality a lot these last few months.
It comes in part from losing my father and being there to witness it, in part from the approaching 50th birthday, in part because I feel my old carcass is no longer working properly, and I sometimes worry.
But anyway, why not try and write a mission statement?
After all, I love talking about myself.

I’ll take a circuitous way.
When my grandfather died, people remembered him like a good man, and a just man.
That would be enough, for me.

But let’s get closer.
I’d like to be remembered for my curiosity, my too many interests and my passion for knowledge – any kind of knowledge, really.
For my willingness to share my knowledge and to teach others – telling stories, making them laugh, but trying to push on, to broaden the horizon. With everything I did: my research, my teaching, my stories, my games, my lectures and my eìrambling blog posts. Trying to do it right, sometimes doing it right.
Taking the risk of telling out the truth even when it was unpleasant – because an unpleasant truth is always better than a pleasant lie.
And if this caused some people to resent me, well, hopefully a lot of other people appreciated.
I’d like to be remembered as patient – moderately so.
And reasonably kind. And as someone that knew when to give up.

pe501118-300x240And then of course, it would be great to be an inspiration to others, but I’ll be happy just not being a warning for them.

And this, as they say, is it.
Is this my mission statement?
I don’t know – but I think it is a set of expectations I can try and measure up against.
All the rest will be improvisation from here on.

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