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A New Era

The election is over and we have a new president. I for one am glad it’s over! You would expect the lunacy to be over as well. Unfortunately, it isn’t. It doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is or who you wanted to win, Donald Trump is our president.

I am still reading and hearing about people saying, He’s not my president; He’s a lunatic: I’m not supporting him; I’m opposing him, and on and on. The news is reporting riots because of the election and even our elected officials (both parties) are speaking out against our new president. It began before he was even sworn into office.

One thing this election has done is shine light on the corruption inside the beltway. I believe the reason the politicians are squealing about President Trump is because he has pledged to drain the swamp. I believe they are afraid they are going to lose their lucrative gravy train. Unfortunately, it is too late; the light has already found them. Political corruption and cronyism is so bad we were on the fast track to be a new banana republic. I pointed this out in my October 31st blog post, The New Banana Republic. I believe that would be the reality had Mr. Trump not been elected. The American people rose up and put Mr. Trump in charge. Politicians are elected to office and don’t do anything but spend and make speeches, promising to fix this or that. They never do. If they did, they wouldn’t have anything to campaign on. After twenty, thirty, or more years, these same do-nothing politicians leave the beltway rich. What have they actually accomplished? Nothing. So, my belief is that these politicians see that they are about to get run over by the train. I certainly hope President Trump keeps his word and drains the swamp. I believe he will.

During the election, it was obvious where the loyalties were with the news outlets (electronic and print). It didn’t work as the American people had enough of the bias and fake news reporting. The news services are supposed to be the honest brokers but that has not been the case for years. I don’t believe there are any honest reporters left. Finally, they are being chastised for false news reporting. It really hasn’t been news for a long time. I was glad to see the new press secretary scold them. Even Mr. Trump’s refusal to take questions from CNN was welcomed. Serves them right! Have they learned? Some may have but there are still a few holdouts. They haven’t figured out that things have changed.

Many adults are still protesting, demonstrating (rioting actually) against President Trump. Throughout the election, I kept asking why they didn’t like Mr. Trump. No one ever responded with specifics or documented evidence to back up their displeasure of him. There was a lot of reason not to support his opponent. Now, post-election, I am still asking for specifics. Mr. Trump hasn’t even been in the chair long enough to get it warm yet, so show me how he is so bad. I am discounting all those that didn’t vote, the vocal and hysterical rioters who are being paid to be disobedient, as they don’t warrant any attention. Then there are the adults that have been brainwashed in schools that they are owed, everyone is a winner, and they have safe spaces. They are just taught to be dependent on the government. That gives the politicians something to campaign on in order to get re-elected and of course, more money for their cause. So who is left that is not supporting the new president?

Our nation has been divided for a long time and, in my opinion, racial tension was resurrected for something to campaign on. I think it is very disrespectful and counterproductive to oppose our new president before he has even had the opportunity to prove himself one way or another. I find it even more disgusting the behavior the politicians are exhibiting. Note I have purposely not called them our elected leaders. They have not demonstrated the qualities of a leader and are therefore not worthy of the title. They have become prostitutes for anyone that shoves money at them. They could care less about their constituents, let alone the country. They need to get behind Mr. Trump and stop the divisiveness. There is a new sheriff and he is going to drain the swamp.

It is time to act like adults and realize we are going to be great again. The majority of Americans have spoken and a new era has been ushered in. We are not going to become another banana republic.

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