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A new story, a true first

I just finished going through the edits of the story I mentioned a while back, the one I wrote for the hell of it, and to clean my systems after a long writing-on-demand stretch. My friend Marina went through it and caught a lot of rubbish I had left in the manuscript, and now the text is clean and ready for action.
432115Now I’ll concoct a cover, and then self-publish it, once again going for both Amazon and Gumroad.
And of course my top-tier Patrons will get a copy, whether they like it or not.

The story is called Listening Post, it’s a little above 6500 words, and it’s a first for me, being military SF.
Or maybe I should call it Paramilitary SF, considering the plot focuses on a privateer ship working as a contractor during an interstellar war.

soldier,asknotI do read a modicum of military science fiction, mostly David Drake these days, having gone through Gordon Dickson’s Dorsai stories and Poul Anderson Dominic Flandry when I was in high school.

I’m not a fan of the genre, meaning it’s not my first go-to category when browsing the shelves in a bookstore, but I do enjoy a good yarn, and military themes do not bother me – as long as they are done good.
Truth to be told, I find most of the run-of-the-mill military space opera out there to be rather boring, and often marred by too-blatant political agendas.
445655One tends to get bored after the umpteenth story about kickass Space Marines kicking ass and doing Space Marines stuff, or yet another rehash of Hornblower in space.
Of the two, the kickass supersoldiers are the most boring to me.
I can appreciate a gritty war story like Glen Cook’s Passage at Arms, and indeed I enjoy Drake and Dickson, but when possible I tend to look at the lighter side.

After she finished working on the manuscript, Marina asked me if I’ll write more, and certainly I’d love to: writing these stories is like taking a vacation, and so, as long as it will not be a job, with schedules, targets and deadlines, and as long as my readers will enjoy my stories, I’ll keep doing this.


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