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A New Year's Gift

Happy 2019!

I will start the new 2019 year with something nice, a small gift of $2 discount on my novella Look for Me Under the Rainbow. The whole week its Amazon price will be only $0.99 so please mark these days and share them with anyone you know and care about.

Thursday, January 3, 2019, 8:00 AM PST through Thursday, January 10, 2019, 12:00 AM PST

This is a 67% discount on my story about the harp seal pup Danny and the group of Rainbow Warrior environmentalists and activists trying to save baby seals hunted for their fur. My readers love this story and the message it carries. 

If you've read and loved it too, please leave the honest review. Your review will help it shine and sparkle in the constellation of the millions of books. With your love, it will find a way to its new readers. 

"Jan has provided an intense connection filled with love, fear, bonds, and touching moments we can easily translate as humans. From oil spills to getting caught between the ice, we understand the struggles of animals who can only do so much to protect themselves or their young . . . Without getting into any gory details or making it uncomfortable, Jan has truly shown a different side of life in the ocean. Death is never easy. Loss is profound. Through wonderful imagery, lyrical text, and strong emotions, he's got a winner with Danny's story."
James J. Cudney, author of Watching Glass ShatterFather FigureAcademic Curveball and Broken Heart Attack 

Many thanks and best wishes for glorious and glowing 2019! 

Bernard Jan


© Bernard Jan

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