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A Perfect 10 With Author Lisa Reynolds

Author Don Massenzio

Today’s perfect 10 interview session is with author Lisa Reynolds. The questions in these interviews are designed to gain more insight into the inspiration, background and strategy of the authors that stop by.

Please enjoy this edition of A Perfect 10 and look for an exciting announcement regarding all of the participating authors for 2018.

Writer PictureDoes writing energize or exhaust you?

Writing energizes me. I have always been introverted and writing has always being my creative outlet in which to express myself and how I feel about the world. I think writing becomes exhausting for a lot of writers when they overthink what they are writing and are worried what people reading it or publishers will think. Because I have always let my heart flow out what it wants to say without restraint I find the process easy and not a chore. But there’s different ways people work so as…

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