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A quirky mystery

51Z1B-QVrGLIt is my habit, as I think I already mentioned, to bribe myself into writing more.
Usually I go for chocolate or ebooks – which gives you a simple idea of what my weaknesses are.
And also points to the fact that I am cheap.

Now, having hit today the laudable rhythm of 5000 words in one afternoon, I have just awarded myself a book that’s been  intriguing me for quite a while.
I invested all of 1.03 euro.

It’s called Say Goodbye to the Boys, and it was written by Mari Stead Jones.

A serial killer is on the loose in a sleepy, Welsh seaside town, picking off victims like some people pick cockles…

The year is 1947 and three young men have recently been demobbed and are back at home in north Wales. It’s the start of good weather and they’re enjoying being alive. They share the favours of Lilian Ridetski, who runs more than a high class hair salon in the town. When she and others are found brutally strangled, suspicion falls on all of her customers. Blackmail and murder make Say Goodbye to the Boys both a dark comedy and a quick-witted thriller. It’s also surprisingly tender, a portrait of old friendships lived to the gentle rhythms of a sleepy, wave-lulled town in the warm face of summer.

Now, Mari Stead Jones is the daughter of Stead Jones, a Welsh writer that left an arresting impression on the literary world in the 1960s, with such titles as Make Room for the Jester.
Say Goodbye to the Boys is based on Stead Jones’ own notes, and has been greatly praised by critics.
Stead Jones moved on the thin line separating literary from genre fiction.
I have great expectations for this book. And I love the cover.

Trieste: Putizza

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