31948661_10216048628478867_190594267591213056_oOne never stops learning.
I was trying to impress a lady with my knowledge of vintage paperback illustrators, and I promptly identified the image here on the right as the work of Robert McGinnis.
Thankfully I was smart enough to add “… or someone that got McGinnis’ technique down to pat”, because it is not McGinnis, after all.
It’s Robert Abbett.
Oh, damn.
I can blame the poor state in which my insomnia has reduced me. But still…

Abbett (1926-2015) worked on a number of different genres, such as war novels, detective novels, thrillers, historical fiction and science fiction. He illustrated a number of Edgar Rice Burroughs titles. He was also a fine nature and wildlife illustrator, often featuring hunt-related subjects.

And so, to atone for my blunder, here is a gallery of Robert Abbett’s illustrations.

As usual, click on an image to see it full size…


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