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A story a day, for a month … what could ever go wrong?

Let it be known that it is all my friend Claire’s fault.
Me, I was minding my own business, trying to type faster and close as soon as possible all the works I have hanging and…
Really, it’s her fault!

But over at her blog Scribblings, Clare wrote about this thing called #StoryADayMay, the brainchild of writer Julie Duffy.
Basically, they send you a prompt every day, and you write a story.
As simple as that.
And I thought… why not?

We are talking flash fiction here, and this is very interesting because

I am weak on flash fiction, and might benefit from a thorough workoutflash fiction is always on demand, and so I might develop a nice reservoir of stories to submit to various marketsI might try and branch out into new genres

And then of course there’s the sheer pleasure of working my writing muscles. And two fingers cleanly waved at the current adversities.
Because when things get bleak, we can always write the bleakness away.

The Rules of StoryADay are pretty flexible, so much so that we are invited to set our own rules for this challenge. My own rules are simple

I’ll write one story per day, every day for four weeks – this will give me three free days to leave room for the unexpectedI will post one story per week on my Patreon Page, and one story per week (not the same) on this blog – this will still leave 20 stories for future submissionsI will also post about the process, both here and on Patreon

So here we are – twelve hours to go.
No matter what will happen, this is going to be a lot of fun.

Watch this space, and wish me luck.

Liam (Part 1 of a 2 Part Story)
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