Legends of Windemere

David Attenborough and a Bear

Being a fantasy author, one of the cornerstones of my world building is the unique fauna that I put within Windemere.  Not only the dragons and griffins that have been in the genre for years, but creatures that I’ve made on my own.  This isn’t easy to do since so much has come before me.  Many times, I find it simpler to go through mythology for creatures or nothing more than inspiration.  Yet, there is another tool that I highly recommend to authors who are looking to create monsters from the ether:


The most obvious help is in giving you physical attributes that can be added to your homemade monster.  Not only how they look, but how they’re used by the original animal.  For example, simply putting crab claws on the body of a gibbon can be really cool in a visual sense. …

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