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A Wished-For Love, Chapter Seven

Writers Envy

I pumped my fist. The stars had aligned in my favor. The Gods had smiled on me. Clean living; that’s what did it. I could have kissed Steve.

“What happened? How did he break his leg?”
“He fell off a jeepney.”

“How do you fall off a jeepney?”

“Yeah, that’s what I asked. He was drunk and coming back from Subic City with some other guys and decided it would be fun to hang off the back of the jeepney. When the earthquake hit, the jeepney veered into a pothole, bounced around and threw Jeff off. He landed with his leg under him. Rodgers and Kevin said they heard the bone snap. It was sticking out of his leg and everything.”

“God, that sounds painful. Where is he?”

“In the hospital. He’s okay, but he was so drunk he won’t remember anything.”

“Well, I guess that’s a good thing. He’ll…

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