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About the author : Elsa Joseph


Elsa Joseph is the author of Chloe After Dark, Best Kept Secret, and Dylan’s Cosydoze. She gained her writing degree at London South Bank University, UK.

From an early age, Elsa had the ambition to be a writer. She often tried her hand at writing by entering writing contests, although little came from her early efforts.

Besides her love of writing, Elsa has a passion for theatre and sits on the committee of a community theatre group that promotes new writing and encourages people to go to the theatre regularly.

Elsa draws inspiration for her books from traveling, art, theatre, reading, and conversations with friends.

Living in London proves to be inspirational to Elsa as she sits at her desk in her office where she writes her stories and can merely look out the window at the hustle and bustle of city life to renew her creativity.

Elsa strives to make stories with interesting plots and beautiful scenery. Characters with great strengths and weaknesses that readers can identify and fall in love with. 

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My review of the book Best Kept Secret

I read this book with a feeling of uncertainty, what will happen next? Natasha had two paths, the path which heart chose and the path which mind suggested her. Stuck in a love triangle, she was balancing between Luke and Tony, and someone had to be sacrificed. It happens when a girl is struggling between two men but someone is always hurt. Natasha had all to be happy, she was smart, talented, and beautiful, but Tony was a big challenge and she paid a price. 
This book makes an important question: Who is the man of our dreams? The one who will give us a comfortable life and peace, wealth, and balance? Or the one who will give us a challenge and criticize us, who will touch the bottom together with us, because the award is on the top which is hard to reach? The author made a good soap opera, but with real background, because it can happen to everyone when we stand to make a final decision and we know, that the biggest love is love toward ourselves. Natasha could be happy only in one way, the way she chooses by her hot-tempered nature.

Original author: Kristina Gallo
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