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Aethercon VI

Aethercon_LogoThis is con season – and after crawling to Milan for the local con, I’ll be taking part in a virtual, online con… Aethercon VI, on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November.

The Aethercon is an online gaming convention – you get to meet game designers and publishers, you get to try new games, you can attend panels and burn a few bucks in the virtual vendor area.
Isn’t this internet thing great?

Selection_810In particular, I’ve four events lined up for Aethercon VI

an interview together with friend Gio dal Farra, publisher of the Italian Edition of Savage Worlds, and of many other wonders a panel with a number of other game creators about sandbox gaming and two demo games for **Hope & Glory**, each open for six players

The lot, via Google Hangouts.

So, if you feel like listening to me drone on gaming and stuff, or should you like to try first hand what Hope & Glory is all about, follow the links.
I’ll provide more info and teasers in the next days and weeks.

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