I have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the publishing of the Italian edition of AMARNA.

While the story is being serialized in English, the Italian readers will only get a one-volume edition, revised and corrected. I am offering different levels of pledge, and both digital and paper-bound editions of the book.

amarna book

Also, I am doing a Special Edition for the Italian readers – a deluxe paperback with photos, maps and about 100 pages of extra contents.
Only 12 copies of the Special Edition will be available in Italian.

And what about my long-suffering English-language readers?
Will they ever get the expanded and corrected edition of the story?
I am currently looking into the matter and I am getting the details about doing a deluxe paperback of the Special Edition on Amazon, via KDP.
For sure, all my Patreon supporters in the Ten Bucks Club will receive a digital copy of the Special Edition, in English, just as they have received each chapter of the serialized version.
It’s the least I can do for them.

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