My new book has been launched!

Right on time, even though Amazon records its launch date as April 15, 2018, Look for Me Under the Rainbow is now available for purchase for a first-week-only special price of $0.99! If you are a member of KDP Select, you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

In a unique and gentle way the novella Look for Me Under the Rainbowsheds light on the plight of baby seals in Canada and warms the hearts of young adult and other readers concerned about our planet and its treasures with the idea that change is needed, change is possible, and change will come.

Grab and download your ebook at a special price now; help Look for Me Under the Rainbow hit better Amazon ranks! Get your ebook if you don't support the seal hunt and help spread the word of compassion!

Once you finish reading it, please, consider leaving your honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. It doesn't have to be long but it will make a huge difference. Even a sentence or two will be of a great help.

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Thank you! And thank you all who helped my book get here and start its new life! I am so grateful and proud of you.

You are my heroes!

You are my hope.

As long as Rainbow Warriors—no matter from which story, fable or legend—live among us, there is hope for this world.

Bernard Jan

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