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Anniversary of my 1st #Publishing Contract! #amwriting #saturdaymorning

I admit, I love the Facebook memories feature, where, when you log in, you see a post you made "on this day" sometime in the past.  Or, at least I love it when it was a post about something good--like today's!  Honestly, I may have forgotten this anniversary, being as it's so close to Christmas, New Year's, and two family birthdays, not to mention it was six years ago.  But I will never, ever forget that morning.  Only my younger son was still home when I clicked on the email...he would have been almost 10 years old and still in elementary school.  The subject line only included the name of my manuscript (SILVER LAKE submission), no indication of what news might be inside, and I'd already received 2 R&Rs (revise and resubmits) on my first manuscript from the publisher I longed to work with--and while R&Rs are a good thing, not a final rejection, they are no guarantee of a "yes" either.

Six years ago today...I even remember that it was a Friday!

So I clicked with shaking fingers and discovered, to my absolute delight, that this was the "yes" I'd been waiting for.  A publishing contract!  A company actually thought my work was a worthwhile investment, something they were willing to put money, time, and effort into.  I remember screaming with surprise and joy, my son racing into the kitchen, and the two of us hugging and dancing around the kitchen.  Both my sons knew how hard I'd been working, for years, and how much I wanted this.  I like to think my journey and tenacity sunk in as a lesson of sorts...keep working for your dreams, and don't give up.

Six years later, a lot has happened.  That first book, Silver Lake, has been a #1 Kindle Bestseller on several occasions.  A larger publisher purchased the electronic rights to the novel in 2015.  I've had 3 additional novels published, which have found their own success: another #1 Kindle Bestseller, various awards, and now my latest release, Haunted Souls, is being made into an audio book by my publisher.  I even got to sign books alongside one of my childhood idols, Mary Higgins Clark!  It's been a whirlwind six years!

Has it been all happiness and roses?  No, of course not.  Bad reviews are painful.  Sales slumps are disheartening.  Reaching new readers is a challenge.  And writer's block can be tortuous.  But I don't think I'd change my decision to write down my stories.  If I've given some people what I consider one of the ultimate forms of entertainment and pleasure--getting lost in an impossible-to-put-down book--then it's all been worth it.

How to make an author's day!

Now, back to my WIP, Dangerous Currents...only a few chapters to go!  But I'll treat myself to a little anniversary celebration today too...probably a mid-day break, where I climb under a blanket, pull up the covers, and read...bliss!  (Check back after the new year for my list of my favorite books of the year!  Here's my 2016 list.)

Probably will substitute water for wine in the middle of the day...
but then again, it's my anniversary!

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