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#APC #Spotlight: Magi By Rick A Mullins!

Hey Everyone!! :-)

I've got Rick Mullins in my APC spotlight, today! Rick is an active and supportive member of the  Authors-Professional Co-op Facebook group and his young adult, science fiction fantasy novel, Magi, looks great! Here's the description:
Emigrating from Earth by means of the Worldhole Crystals found on Dragonhome, Blake Michaels travels to the world Magi with his family as registered colonists.Magi is unique in that evolution has created plants and animals that have properties that seem magical. Plants fight off animals that eat them with real or holographic fire, blinding bursts of light, or painful screams. Animals bend light to hide, or have plates that form kinetic shields or horns that punch from a distance.The first explorers discovered that some of these artifacts can be controlled with the addition of human technology. If you fired a pulse of electricity through a unicorn horn, the horn would produce a weak version of the same kinetic punch that the animal could when it was alive. Put another electrical charge through the skin of a nauga and it will bend the light around itself to become invisible.With his new friend Ivy Dakota, Blake discovers that Magi used to have a sentient species and they had a growth in their forehead that allowed them to more easily control other Magian artifacts at their full potential. This discovery causes a gold rush to Magi with prospectors looking for these Wizard’s Stones, so that they can control Magian artifacts at full power without technology. If you think this sounds like something you might enjoy, go ahead and grab your copy here:

Thank you all so much for stopping by! Happy reading! :-)

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