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Are you in the state of emotional fixation?

You know the feeling when you wish to be with someone but it is not possible. The reasons might be various. He is on a big distance. He is taken. He doesn't love you back. The conclusion is the same, he can't be your partner.

Despite all the obstacles, you still want him. You are obsessed with a thought to be with him, even for a short. If you can get only a moment, it would make you happy.

Emotional fixation is a state when you are focused on certain person, but you are aware that is only an illusion which will not turn in reality. Making a dream with open eyes is your escape from daily routine. 

Why you are doing this?

You feel alone even you are in the relationship.
Your life did not justify your expectations.
You are addicted to love.
You have a strong imagination.
You can be alone with yourself.

The object of emotional fixation is a person you like. In your imagination, he is a hero with a magic stick who will make all things perfect. 

The emotional fixation can be dangerous for your mental state.

He said no, you are not listening to him.
He is ignoring you, you are seeking for a conversation.
He never meets with you.

When you waste time with your obsession you forgot about people who care about you. Your precious moments are stolen by your imagination and you are not on the ground. Sometimes is good that the object of your obsession cut the connection harsh because it will help you to leave him alone.

Also, you can be the object of someone's emotional fixation. It happens when someone sends you friend requests many times, stalks you or call you on the phone. In both cases this is not loving, this is a form of despair or escape from loneliness and you should not accept it for your own sake.

Original author: Kristina Gallo
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