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In an environment where management pressures salespeople to make their quotas, you can place a bet that the team is leaving money on the table. The prospective clients express ‘no interest’ as they step away from the anxiety they see and hear in the salesperson’s tone of voice. At best case, the desperation one feels to achieve any sale translates to a small, single transaction.

Meanwhile, the unspoken possibilities remain unsold. The collective smaller sales negatively affect the return on investment (ROI), and the company bottom line.

Similarly, many entrepreneurs do not know how to reply to an answer of ‘no interest’ or how to nourish a limited sale. New businesspeople frequently believe sales training is manipulative and don’t want to associate with it. They, too, are leaving money on the table.



My Story

I have always kept my eye on what other people are doing, particularly on the successful. As I watch, I also consider whether the different styles will work for me.

My analysis and consideration include these questions:

What are they doing differently Should I consider using a similar strategy How can I distinguish my delivery What is not yet widespread but a promising idea How can I incorporate the new?

‘The better sales strategy is to smile, ask questions, listen to the answers, and together develop a broader collaborative solution.’

Complex Sales

By embracing the mindset of a collaborative effort, possibilities for adding complementary venues to the initial sale will increase. Additionally, when clients see us striving to provide a comprehensive solution, they are more likely to give us a chance to prove ourselves.

In the corporate arena, sometimes collaborative efforts can save the day. For example, while we may be selling software, today, Cybersecurity is a necessity with artificial intelligence close behind. All the while, branding and marketing are part of the equation for reaching larger audiences about everything we have to offer.

Fear has no place in any endeavor; either something will work or it won’t. Our job is to figure out ‘why’ and ‘how.’ Trial and error is my favorite learning style. Failures and mistakes teach me what not to repeat, or possibly tweak the attempt, for a potentially better outcome. And when something does prove to be well-worthwhile, I add more ideas to enhance the strategy. My goal is not to be leaving money on the table.


My favorite example of not leaving money on the table is my immediate acceptance of using social media upon its announcement. Most others laughed and said it would never work. We all know the deniers left plenty of money on the table and soon quit their entrepreneurship to find a job. 

Better Alternatives

Recently, I learned about the new Webtalk platform  Their mission is to provide an all-in-one platform that includes:

Social connections A marketplace to sell products and services Commitment to give a percentage of revenue to communities in need

‘The Calculated Risk can launch us forward from being in the rear to landing in the lead.’

Webtalk is donating 10% of all profits for life through the Webtalk Foundation. The goal is to give billions of dollars to help other nonprofits succeed worldwide. It’s an ambitious plan, but as I have learned, ‘impossible’ does not exist.

On the free side of the service, Webtalk’s patent-pending SocialCRM and Magic Newsfeed give you back control of your relationships, news, content, and time being a one-stop platform.

You can begin with a free membership, but take the PRO version into serious consideration. Webtalk’s free referral rewards bonus shares up to 50% of all revenue with the first 1 million people to refer a new member to Webtalk, who upgrades to PRO. The bonus applies once you have a PRO referral customer. The mission is to enable more people to become financially independent.

Should you be curious about learning more, have a desire to register and try the free version, or begin with PRO, please click this link. 

What Are The Odds For Success?

WebTalk has invested millions of dollars in building the technology to track their revenues to award commissions that will potentially give away billions of dollars to those who help tell the world about the platform. The corporate tech leaders bring in billions of dollars. Holding the vision and promising a share of the profit is not a guarantee, but enhances the possibility of success.

Kevin Harrington, Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, offers his insight about Webtalk. “In 30 years of being around affiliate marketing, I have never seen a program so easy and lucrative!”

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Your Story: Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Sales training on my first few sales jobs had the new representatives considering all the reasons why one piece of equipment or service was better than all the rest on the market. They were solely focused on one item.

The narrow focus eliminates thought-provoking ideas among the majority of salespeople. Missing elements include:

Prospects may have additional unspoken issues The client may want to test reliability first to consider a large project later Clientele test the willingness of representatives to earn the sale versus get the sale
Complex Sales

Do you:

Listen for understanding to client requests and ideas Partner with a variety of departments, peers, or other companies Attempt success strategies others suggest

The essential piece is that every strategy and system work harmoniously together. At every meeting, ask for feedback on what is working well and what can use improvement. When all elements successfully feed into one another, the more likely you are to earn the initial sale.

Ensuring excellence in service will have you enjoying more significant commitments and a very loyal clientele.

Sales Tips: Do You Leave Money On The Table?
Ask new prospects of all that you provide, what interests them most Learn why prospective clients are curious about specific areas of your portfolio Inquire if complementary aspects are also of interest Ask for the prospect’s year-long goal plus the departmental goals Further question the company goals and how they may affect those of the department Pose ‘what if’ questions for additional complementary ideas Collaboratively work with your prospect to capture a comprehensive solution Provide a proposal that captures everything the prospect desires within reason Suggest changes; and if none, ask for authorization to the formal plan Celebrate Success!

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