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Are you measuring your progress?

It’s the start of the second quarter.

How’s your productivity improvement plan going for 2018?

Are you sticking with your plan to lift your game or are you backsliding?

If you’re on plan, great. If you’re not, it’s not too late to refocus and get back on track.

If you haven’t started yet, now is the time to do something.

The Plan

It’s essential to develop a plan for personal improvement, especially when you want to get something done, get noticed, or make a more significant contribution – but writing out your plan is the easy part.

It’s a bit more of a challenge turning your plan into your reality.

The value of your plan comes from the actions you take to transform your ideas into an outcome you can measure.

Taking action requires the application of the secret skill used by all successful people: self-discipline.

Measuring Progress

I use word count to measure progress in my writing projects, and the number of articles and books published to measure my productivity as a writer.

I know I’m making progress when those numbers build. I can also measure the time taken to complete projects or the rate at which I publish articles or books. Note: these are all things I have control over.

What are the appropriate measures for your current task or career plan?

Make sure they are things you exercise control over completing. There is little point in trying to measure your progress using markers you do not control.

If you’re not measuring your progress, how do you know if you’re making any or if you’ve improved on last month’s or last year’s performance?

Need some help to get started or to refocus? 



Everyday Productivity is full of ideas to help you take control of your personal productivity. They worked for me, so there is no good reason why they won’t work for you – if you do the work.



Peter Mulraney is the author of the Everyday Business Skills series for people wanting more out of life.

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