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Are You Ready to Climb the Career Ladder?

Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

When we heed the challenge, climbing the career ladder takes both strategy and motivation. The question is, are you comfortable with being in over your head somewhat to move beyond today’s achievement?

My Story

The only way to overcome fear is to be so highly motivated that nothing will interfere with your progress. But with the motivation comes a need for common sense. A flexible plan of action is to be put in place.

As we all know, not everyone agrees with our perspective, and not everything works out as we expect. Advancing the career ladder is similar to being in sales. Far many more ‘no’s’ will come our way than the desired ‘yes!’ The best we can do is hear out the reasoning behind each ‘no’ for improvement to take place. And if the reasoning isn’t sound, we are given plenty of reasons to move on to the next best possibility.

Underneath all of this is the forever cycle of transition. The more we learn and grow, the more we want to travel the highway. As we get to the top of our game, the same old isn’t enough for those motivated to continue forward. Once we reach a pinnacle, remaining there becomes boring. It becomes time again to plan out a new vision and renew the challenge to climb an even higher peak.

The rewarding part of the continual climb is the incredible people we meet along the way who further motivate us to do more. Our networks become more robust, as do our ideas. The fuel is always present to propel us forward. 


Your Story

Story-telling is the game changer for your career climb. No matter the endeavor, people want to know how you came up with an idea or why you are qualified. Review your history for moving forward and how it applies to the near future. Recognize lessons that were learned along the way and sprinkle them throughout the storyline.

A convincing argument is dependent on the authenticity and believability of your story. It applies to:

Interviewing for a job Acquiring funding for a project Seeking partners for an effort to take off

People will buy into what you have to say as you share your personal experiences that apply to the project at hand. The longer-term vision is to be thought out along with milestones and goals to be put into place. Also, include a timeline for the accomplishment of each. Once you have the concept in mind and can verbalize it well, it is time to list the education and help needed to make the career move achievable.

To ensure your new idea takes off, sell yourself on the idea that the project will pay off in the end. Be motivated to learn something new, exchange ideas, and achieve baby steps every day. Progress may seem extremely slow in the beginning, but over time the effort will blossom into reaching new heights.

For additional insight, read “Are You Paying Attention to the Similarities Between Sales and Thought Leaders?”  You know you are ready to climb the career ladder when all of the above doesn’t scare you off, but instead increases the excitement!

Sales Tips for A Career Climb
Examine why you are bored Come to terms with what will excite you down the road Confer with peers on ideas for going forward Create a plan for your career move Add a timeline with goals and milestones to achieve Prioritize the learning to be put in place Sell yourself on the idea as to why you will be successful Develop a story of why your endeavor will be successful Share your insights with others and accept feedback Celebrate Success!
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