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As easy as one-two-three

Today it was a good day.
I finished the first draft of the Job from Hell.
I finished the second draft of my historical non-fiction book.
I mailed off the first of three historical articles I plan to write and sell this month.

Of the three, the Job from Hell is the only one that is problematic – ghostwriting for a client that basically believes he knows better than me what this writing business is all about has meant wasted time, humiliations and a somewhat shell-shocked feeling on my part. Now I’ll tell the client the first draft is done, and he’ll tell me it’s not, and ask for changes that could easily be done during second draft…
See what it’s doing to me? It’s very hard to live with this sort of anxiety about what you do, and how it will be received.
But anyway – first draft done.

The historical essay is going as smooth as silk – and by the end of the month, barring accidents, and after a couple minor adjustments, we’ll have the final draft and hand it over to the publisher. If everything works out fine, and the Turin Book fair will take place in September, we’ll be there with our book.

And the article was fun.
It’s not every day you can quote The Black Amazon of Mars, by Leigh Brackett, in a learned piece about the history of science.

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