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“Authors Give Back” Metrics

Hi, everyone. The Authors Give Back promotion I did via Smashwords ended at midnight last night. From the mid-March to May 31, I did some form of giveaway. Honestly, it was the least I could do during this difficult time.

Because the promotion was so long, doing a complete breakdown would be boring. I mean, let’s be real. Instead, here are the top 5, in order of sales ranking.

Clytie’s Caller. My sweet Regency romance novella remains popular with readers.Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes: The Omnibus Edition. Three books in one; the Phantom of the Opera fans have consistently given this book five stars. Two of the books in the omnibus have won awards, and this makes me happy.It Happened in Memphis. This is one of my Pocketful of Stories series, dealing with the earliest days of rock and roll. I had originally planned for it to be a full-length project of its own and did a ton of research, but the story had different plans.In The Eye of The Storm. My second Phantom novel, featuring one of my favorite characters ever: Clarice. It’s also garnered two awards, one of them for James Courtney’s eye-catching cover art.A two-way tie between Bayou Fire (recipient of four awards) and Around the World in 80 Pages. The first features my favorite hero to date, and the latter is a collection of short fiction.

If you selected one of my books via Smashwords during the promotion, I would be honored if you were to write a review at your favorite site or on your blog. Thank you!

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