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Autism Awareness Blog Hop

Autism Fact:  Autism is a developmental disability. It’s a difference in how your brain works. Autistic people can have good mental health, or experience mental health problems, just like anyone else.

Welcome to RJ Scott’s Autism Awareness Blog Hop! Thanks for stopping by.

My instructions were simply to write my hopes and dreams for myself, my child, or humanity. I suppose my one big hope for humanity would be that we stop focusing on our differences and start focusing on what unites us. Judging other people and choosing to hate them simply because they are different from us is destructive, no matter what. Whether that person is “different” because they have autism, or because of their religion, or their race, or their political affiliation, they are still A PERSON. Rather than assuming the worst — assuming they’re stupid or evil or uneducated or “weird” — we need to start giving people the benefit of the doubt. We need to start focusing on what brings us together, not what drives us apart. We are all human. We are all struggling to stay sane and happy as we spin through the abyss on this giant rock. We all want to be heard, to be understood, and to be loved. We all care about our family, our friends, our community, and our world. So let’s stop trying to make every damn thing about us versus them. Let’s STOP assuming everybody who’s “different” in any way is automatically “them.” We are all part of “us.”


So stop spreading hate, and start spreading a bit of love.

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Thanks for stopping by!!


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