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Back on the ‘boards

Pinterest-LogoOne of the unexpected consequences of getting a new, fast web connection, is the fact that I can access again my Pinterest boards, that I had been unable to view for the last year.
Too bandwidth-consuming, Pinterest, for my old less-than-80k line.
But that was then, and this is now

This is particularly fortunate, because I tend(ed) to use Pinboards to collect material for my projects, and it wa sgreat to find a (secret) collection of images and links I had put together for a prospect fantasy novel that I was planning and then postponed after my father’s death. And this will now provide the basic structure and plot for the novel I’ll write, and try and pitch to Angry Robot.
So, a lot of research work’s been done already.
Nice and smooth.

But I also found all my other pinboards, of course and this includes my Worldbuilding pinboard

And this is again interesting, because I’m trying to turn my interest in worldbuilding into something else – I am planning a course on Worldbuilding, that I will offer through the web, again thanks to my new, fast connection.

So all’s well that ends well.
And now I’ll spend the rest of the night updating my Pinboards.

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