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Be My Early Reader!

Wanna be my early reader?

Next month I am launching my new novella Look for Me Under the Rainbow (scheduled date April 17).

Look for Me Under the Rainbow is a story of the harp seal pups Danny and Jon and the plight of seal pups in Canada hunted and clubbed for their soft fur, and the group of environmentalists and activists determined to save them. It carries a strong ecological message and is a loud call for humanity. My editor says, "Anyone not moved by it has no heart." I couldn't agree more!

I'm opening up to 50 spots for a special team of fans to be early readers.

Interested? Please subscribe at and I'll get back to you! If you are already subscribed and on my team, please ignore this.


This is a short extract from my novella to get you motivated and help you make the decision to join my ranks. :)




“What is man, Mom?”
“Man’s a great mystery. We know not where he comes from, nor where he’s going. Elusive, like a shadow, he leaves wasteland in his wake.”
“This... man, is he dangerous?” 
“Very dangerous, son. You must try never to meet one. If you do come across man but it’s too late to run, be brave. Wait for him. Whatever happens, never, ever turn your back on him. Look him straight in the eye. It’s the only way you might save your life. That’s the moment when he’s most vulnerable and won’t harm you.” 
“But how can I not meet a man? How do I avoid him?” 
“You’ll sense him coming close. You know, son, man has a special smell. The scent of fear, misfortune and pain. He feeds on it. You’ll recognize him by this scent.”




“There is no greater joy than to share what you love with those who appreciate it.”

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floating garbage twice the size of Texas

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