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Behind the Copper Mask

arlecchino-maskAnd here it goes: a 5000-odd words story, done in one day.
And then revised while dining (late) and converted rather quickly in a variety of formats, without even a cover or anything.
This is practically a glorified first drafts, with all the problems that this entails.
I’m pretty sure no characters changes name between page 3 and page 16, but everything else is possible.
Expect the unexpected.
But what the heck, I made it.

So, check out below for a preview, and the links for the download from Google Drive.

“And so, if the lights issue is settled—” Director started.
“It will be settled by the night of the premiere,” Author-cum-Lights-Technician said.
Director gave her a doubtful look, and Costumes chuckled.
They were sitting in a book repository at the back of the small stage they had assembled in the main room of the library. The place was cold and dark and with a hint of cobwebs, like it was ready for an intimate representation of the Scottish Tragedy.
Which, Author reflected, made the three of them sitting there on folding chairs, the three witches in the opening scene. Director the leader of the coven, with her red hair and sharp features, Costumes the younger one, with her breasts exposed … how could she get out of home in such a tight sweater?… And Author the raven-haired witch in the middle. The one that stirred the cauldron.
“If,” Director said, stressing it beautifully, “the lights issue is settled, this leaves us with one last major problem to solve before we all can go home and get some rest.”
Author arched her eyebrows dramatically. She actually enjoyed these late-night after-rehearsal pow-wows. “What major problem?”
She looked down at her notes, each item neatly struck out with a red pencil line.
Director stared at her and waited for her to look up.
“You,” she said, when she finally caught Author’s gaze.





A Christmas Carol
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