Good morning and welcome to Friday Feelings. Today, we’re talking about being the author in public and especially on social media all the time.

Yes, you’re an author if you’ve had even one book published. That you are crowing about it is to be expected to a certain degree, but there are rules for authors. When I had my first book published, I didn’t know these rules. No one has really bothered to put them down in writing, but they are real and if you don’t follow them, you might find yourself in a wasteland when it comes to getting support from other authors…

Let’s start with the first rule, which came into being in the early part of this month. As I’ve said, there are no hard and concrete rules, but an indie author made a huge mistake and instead of backing down, she threatened other authors with legal action regarding their use of a word she had trademarked…

Another rule is that you are the author twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. This means you can’t post divisive information. You can’t participate publicly in discussions that might be offensive to your fans. You have to appear neutral at all times. And that is darned hard.

When an author releases a book in the twenty-first century, they know they have to get buzz going immediately. Great. Do this – on your Facebook fan page, on your Twitter feed, on Google + or any of the other many social media sites you utilize. Do not do this on your personal pages. Do not inundate your friends with “buy my book” links. They’ll run in droves.

At events, you have to be smiling and interacting with potential customers, even if your life is falling apart. No one can know you just took your beloved pet to the vet and authorized the shot that put them over the Rainbow Bridge the previous day. The customers flocking to your table can’t pick up a hint that you had a huge fight with your significant other before leaving that day. Never let them think that you feel like you’re coming down with a cold and want nothing more than a comfy blanket, a recliner with a wool blanket, and a cup of tea rather than talking to them.

Even grocery shopping you are on display as the author. This is especially important, because no matter where you live, people are excited to see/meet the author being a regular person. They’ll intrude on your personal space just for the chance to tell everyone how nice you are. They’ll gush about how you took the time to talk to them. All the while the only thing you’re thinking about is how fast you can walk away so you can get back to your writing.

A smile when you’re down in public goes a long way. Speaking to strangers who recognize you will give you fans for life. But make one mistake and you’ll soon discover those people will talk about that much more than all the nice things you’ve ever done.

About K.C. Sprayberry

Living a dream she’s had since she first discovered the magic of books. K.C. Sprayberry traveled the U.S. and Europe before finally settling in the mountains of Northwest Georgia. She’s been married to her soulmate for nearly a quarter of a century and they enjoy spoiling their grandchildren along with many other activities.

A multi-genre author, K.C. Sprayberry is always on the hunt for new stories. Inspiration strikes at the weirdest times and drives her to grab notebook and pen to jot down her ideas. Those close to her swear nothing or no one is safe if she’s smiling gently in a corner and watching those in the same room interact. Her observations have often given her ideas for her next story, set not only in the South but wherever the characters demand they settle.

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