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Belated birthday post

With all the things going on these last few days, yesterday I missed Edgar Rice Burroughs’ birthday, so I am posting this belated piece to make up somehow.


Edgar Rice Burroughs was a master storyteller and one of the most influential authors of the 20th century. Live with that – his impact on popular culture was second to none, and he was probably the first true transmediatic author.

And he was (most of the times) quite good.
Don’t believe the naysayers – if you never read Burroughs (really?!), and if you think Tarzan is just Johnny Weissmuller, check out one of ERB’s books (I’d suggest either The Land that Time Forgot or At The Erath’s Core or The Master-mind of Mars) and have some fun.

Incidentally, you can download these books for free from the Gutenberg Project of Australia.

ERB was a writer and a storyteller – let’s celebrate him by reading one of his stories.
There’s no better way to make writers happy.

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