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Beta Readers vs Editors vs ARCs – From the Book Designer Blog

Author Don Massenzio

By Craig Tuch

We’re sometimes asked by self-publishing authors about the role that beta readers, editors and Advance Reading (or Review) Copies (ARCs) play in the process of publishing and promoting a book. If you’ve ever had any questions, I think you’ll find this article by Craig Tuch (@HiddenGemsBooks) compares all three and explains how they can all be helpful. I think you’ll find it interesting.

For most of the writing process, telling your story was likely a very solitary process – leaving you alone with your characters and world for long stretches as you worked to get everything just right. And now, with the last paragraph written, it’s finally time to let other people read it.

I’m not talking about your fan base, though. We’re still not ready for them.

No, before we send it out in the world there are a whole set of other readers…

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