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Blessedly Bound review by: Mandy Tyra

Blessedly Breathtaking….
I was spellbound from the very first chapter where we meet our witchy heroine Gwen and her faithful trusty familiar, Lewis.
It’s charmingly chalked full of delightful and exotic, multi faceted, shiny and sparkly characters.
ALL of it is incredibly well written, quite addictive.

I read it very slowly, savoring and taking it all in. This is not the sort of book you wanna speed read through, it’s too entrancing…enchanting.
You can vividly picture it all and it’s awe-inspiring, awe-tastic…just spirited away to this other-worldly world and totally zen out on the ambiance of it all.

Yea….just flat out AWE-mazing.

I do believe I have found my new favorite female author, Ms. Lucretia Stanhope.
I already fell in love with her bewitchingly beautiful writing style after I read her first published book, the highly imaginative and monster rich, Rather Be Fishing.
She has such a hypnotically elegant prose going for her, creating this most magical and majestic (yet reeeal feeling) of fantasy worlds, and they all converge.
I picture myself easily getting lost in her worlds/words, often.

This is primo storytelling at it’s pristine finest, folks!!

Gwen is an orphan, her mom died when she was really young. She comes from a long line of witches but didn’t learn of this (or her own abilities) until she was much older.
Now with her shape shifting familiar Lewis by her side, she travels to the stately estate of the grandmother she never met, trying with all her untapped might to solve her brutal murder.

Is it witch related, is Gwen in danger too??
The neighbor Sebastian fears that she is. He was a close personal friend/confidant of her grandmother and Gwen takes an immediate like to him.
He’s so damn likeable ~ that smile, those eyes!!
He was also a familiar back in the day, a powerful one, but was disgraced after an incident with his witch.

Her grandma Lizzy was a very well liked member of the town, and most of the townspeople go out of their way in support of Gwen and her long overdue homecoming.
She feels whole and warmed for the first time in her solitary life.
Menace lurks close by though, she can sense it.
Is it true that she is actually a supremely powerful witch, capable of so much more than simple visions?
Why would this be kept from her?
Why was she bound in the first place??
It’s all so overwhelming for our big-hearted Gwen.
And with both Lewis and Sebastian harboring secrets from the new and insecure witch, those insecurities resonate into an even deeper bind.
Poor Gwen, has a hard enough time understanding her own place, let alone everyone else’s.
The journals of her grandmother and the pick and choose advice/confessions of the familiars help her fit some of the pieces together, as the plot thickens.

Gwen is a wonderful character, you really like the little gal. Sweet and innocent but with no filter, she says the first thing that pops into her mind. She’s painfully honest which sends her into a whiplash whirlwind knowing that things are purposely being kept from her.
For what purpose??
Who can she really trust??

A family debt, a family curse, a stumped family tree, non shapeshifting shifty people, white magic, black magic, voodoo, blood bonds, romance, passion, humor, knitting.
Mystery and suspense with a beguiling lure ~ this book hasit all!!
So much going on in this spellbinding story and lucky for us, it’s a saga, the start of many many more, that are available NOW.

The epilogue of this book gives you the first chapter of part 2: Burning Captivation, where we’re introduced to a whole new exciting supernaturally threat, plus all the old ones that still linger with their jagged scars, casting doubt.

This is going to be a fantastic series, the center stage is set brilliantly!
I can totally picture Gwen and company finding themselves in a myriad of wicked aaand whimsical entanglements, including those of self discovery, and almost always in a perilous passion fueled frenzy.

I’m not now nor have I ever been a fan of romance novels. I don’t consider this a romance though, even though it has strong emotional elements of intimacy cast throughout.
Right now, it’s more of an undercurrent drift but I know it’s going to come on stronger as the books continue. I can honestly say though, with such an awesome jaw dropping supernatural storyline…bring on the sappy, mushy, angsty, achey, lusty, hanky-panky, lovey-doveyness.
Come on, I can handle it! ? hehehe
I would recommend this book to all those who are also on the adverse, ew romance bandwagon.

Oh dear Goddess, I wanna be a witch….
Gwen and I actually do have a lot in common too; we both drink a ton of coffee.
That’s pretty significant.
Oh and I don’t have a very functionable filter either. hahaha
And I actually did try it out once but there is that whole ‘do no harm’ fine print. Pfft.

I wonder exactly how many books she has planned, there are 6 listed on Goodreads already.
Yea…it’s probably just taken a fiery, spirited, juju infused life of it’s own by now and they will keep her in the loop, when suited.
She is blessedly, blissfully, bound.

Jeez, I’ve rambled long enough, I tend to do that….just read the book!! It’s phenomenal. ?


You can buy the book here:


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