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Introducing Gavin Percival

Ann is excited to release her twelve-week Gavin Percival Mysteries series, for your enjoyment! Join Gavin every Monday evening @ 8 pm for a new episode.Original link
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Cyber Assistant Announcements

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Eerie Rhymes Series

Ann is excited to release the "Eerie Rhymes read by Ava" book in paperback and eBook formats along with the animated series read by her cyber assistant, Ava, for your enjoyment. Get your copy today, and join Ava every Monday night @ 8 pm as she reads from this collection of rhymes.
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Cyber Dating Series

 Ann is excited to release her twelve-week Cyber Dating series, which is loosely base on her novella, "Cyber Dating," for your enjoyment! Join Ann every Friday evening @ 8 pm for a new episode.Original link
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Story Time with Ava Series

Ann is excited to release her twelve-week Story Time with Ava series for your enjoyment! Check out this prelude to Ann's story time series, and hereafter, join Ava every Wednesday evening for a suspenseful tale.


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“A Weekly Thrill-Fest”

On April 18, 2018, Ann began posting a rhyme-a-day intent on doing it every day for the next 365 days, but after forty-two days quickly decided that she needed to take it down a notch. It was exhausting recording just about every day. So now she’ll only post a rhyme-a-week along with her Story Time, and Cyber Dating Series. Each rhyme in the Eerie Rhymes Series is written by Ann, and read by her Cyber Assistant, Ava, for suspense lovers the world over to enjoy.~ Eerie Rhymes to Pass the Time, Mondays @ 8 pm~ Story Time with Ava, Wednesdays @ 8 pm (beginning June 27th)~ Cyber Dating, Fridays @ 8 pm (beginning June 29th)So head on over to Ann’s youtube channelwhere you can subscribe and hit th...
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What if Everything you Thought you Knew was a Lie?

We all get up day in and day out and go through our monotonous routines without giving any thought to what’s really going on in the background of our lives. We tend to believe that if we’re in a good head space and things are going well in our life that we’re in control of our destiny. On the flip side, if we’re in a bad way and everything seems to be going wrong that our lives are out of sync, or we’ve failed in some way.As a rule, people tend to fall into one of three distinct sects, and either spend the whole of their existence trying to reach a higher status, or retain their existing status; those persons who effortlessly glide through life and attain success while barely having to lift ...
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Shout Out to Authors Database

When I wrote my last blog post and gave a shout-out to for the awesome services they provide, and then went on to discuss the avenues I’m using to garner the attention of my target audience, I purposely excluded Authors Database, because I feel like they deserve a separate post with accolades reserved exclusively for them. In my last post, I alluded to the fact that I am the entire team from concept-to-virtual bookshelf. I then went on to say that there are no teams of editors, publishers and marketers waiting in the wings for me to hand over my manuscript when it’s done, but I want to expound on that statement a little. It’s true that I do it all myself in the days leading up to the...
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The Catalyst to Entrepreneur: What Motivated Ann to Launch her YouTube Channel, "The Queen of Suspense?"

There’s always that pivotal moment in each of our lives, when we make the decision to take hold of the reins, and break away from the norm. I have spent years in the corporate world striving to get ahead, only to have someone else decide how far I could go, which would have been fine were it a fair and balanced process. Unfortunately, for me, the process never balanced out. It became abundantly clear that it didn’t matter how hard I worked, it didn’t matter that I showed up early and often stayed late, it didn’t matter that I was professional, dependable and courteous at all times. The harsh reality is, I was never going to be promoted while working alongside some of the unethical bosses tha...
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Embrace Awesome in "2018"

I am soo excited to leave old things behind me, and to ring in the New Year with the promise of open doors and awesome new opportunities, that may well be the catalysts to my next levels of success.“2017,” for me, was a year of learning and preparation. A time where I laid the groundwork for the success that lies ahead of me. It’s been an exciting time indeed, because the end result is that everything is in place, and all I have to do now is implement my ideas!- I set up my personal website and blog, and did all of the backend work to get them ranking higher in the search engines. – I finally chose a specific direction for my Youtube Channel, which has basically sat idle since 2009, and did ...
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