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Fearless Women

Before Mallory Kane, the black ops soldier and fictional character of the movie Haywire, played by Gina Carano — and Jill Oliver, the audacious fictional character of the Deception series — there have been real-life fearless women.A heroine and a group of them, immediately come to mind. They are women who showed up to the plate in the game of life and hit the ball out of the park. If you don't know who Margaret Moth is… you should. She was a true champion of life! In 1990 she became a camerawoman for CNN. She specialized in filming war zones. In July of 1992, she was severely wounded in Sarajevo. Two years later, she returned to the war zones to continue her mission to show the world what wa...
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Fearless Characters

Jill OliverA Character Interview INTERVIEWER: How would you describe yourself? JILL: I think I am a pretty tough cookie. I'm five feet eight inches tall. I weigh around 125 pounds with my BMI hovering around eighteen. So I have some muscle on me. My hair is jet black and now has grown out to a cute bob. My eyes are green and my heritage is one of a Navajo Indian from my mother's side. My father who is white, I have never met. INTERVIEWER: You look fairly fit, what type of fitness regime are you doing? JILL: I keep in share sparring in several martial arts. I also run three miles pretty much everyday. INTERVIEWER: I know you've told us that you will not answer questions about David Brown, you...
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