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The Legend of the Ghost Writers

(A parody of Stan Jones's "Ghost Riders in the Sky" I wrote back when I worked as a college writing tutor)A student was a'writing upHis homework one fine dayHe did a really half-assed jobSo he could go and playWhen all at once, a red-pen wieldingPhantom horde he sawThey snatched his essay from his handsAnd sniffed out every flawTheir hands were stained with crimson inkTheir faces dark with rageThey gnashed their teeth and holleredAs they read through every pageA bolt of fear went through himAs he saw his free time dieHe saw the writers working hardAnd he heard their angry cryYippee oy veyYippee oh noooooGhost writers make you cryYippee oy veyYippee oh noooooGhost writers maaaake you cryyyyyy...
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Facts, Fiction, & Fandom: Harnessing Geek Power to Research Your Books

There's a saying about writing historical fiction that I'm rather fond of - "you can make a lot of stuff up, but Lincoln has to be tall."In this day and age, information is easier to get a hold of than ever before, and that can be a tremendous benefit to us novelists. However, that also means it's easier to catch us red-handed if we don't do our research. And in the age of the internet, you can be sure our sin will be found out. Yeah, our job as writers is to be a storyteller above all else, and I certainly believe in dramatic license. However, that's not an excuse for us to not put any effort into researching whatever it is we're writing about.Nothing can replace the traditional approach of...
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