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New manusctipt

I am currently working; I should say, editing, a new manuscript due out in April. It is my first YA novel, which makes me nervous. But we will see what the reader think.
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Bethany's Sin by Robert R. McCammon

People read stories to fall into the world created by the author. Yes, for a moment they can escape their troubles and be entertained. They regale in the written word even though each will perceive the same story differently. However, every once in a while a story comes along that sticks to their bones invade their souls, and they know that this story will always be a part of us somehow. This is how I felt reading Robert McCammon's Bethany’s Sin.A perfect little town, with a perfect little home, and yet, something evil, ancient, mysterious, and murderous slithers and groans beneath the well-kept streets and lawns of the quiet, quaint town called Bethany's Sin. Manipulating and cultivating, b...
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Demon King by Erik Henry Vick

Oneka Falls appeared as tranquil and poised as any other small town, but for a group of boys, this town is housing their town’s worst nightmare. The book bounces between the time when the boys were young, 1979, and when they are men, 2007. While the plot progresses and evolves, the reader is taken through the character’s physical and psychological upheave to the point that they can bodily feel their bones ache.Demon King is a melody of terror, horror, mystery, and suspense one that takes you into the dark side where another sinister species hides in the shadows, or disguised and in plain sight, waiting for the chance, if you are lucky, to feed off your emotions. If not, you are in for an ind...
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Collecting Death (Haunted Collection Series #1) by Ron Ripley

Have you ever thought about purchasing haunted items? If so this story might just make you change your mind.Stefan’s mom and dad collected haunted items, and he has made it his mission to sell these treasured items. He is not selling them to make money or to make sure they are taken care of as they should be, no! He is selling them to armature buyers who don’t know how to contain evil that possesses them. His goal is to have these items cause as much havoc and pain as they can to get back at his mother.Ron Ripley is an excellent writer, and I have read many of his books. However, this one had me up at night checking to make sure my antique doll had not moved from her position on the dresser....
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