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Votes for writers!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so they say. Well I think the cover of my latest book, A Pocketful of Stories, is fabulous; but then I would, wouldn’t I? 😀 If you agree, please consider casting your vote, in Authorsdb 2017 book cover competition in my favour. I’m not afraid to say that […] Original link
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Calling all fans of fantasy fiction!

Download your free copy today, from: Read, love, share 😀 AMZN UK AMZN USFiled under: Book Club Tagged: #short stories #absolutely free! #fantasy tales #free bonus chapter #Land of Midnight Days Original link
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Coming soon…

…for your delight and delectation. kate Jack @ twitterFiled under: Book Club Tagged: angels, dreams, faerie, myths, short stories Original link
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Great Big Giveaway!

Grab a free copy of Book I of The Silver Flute Trilogy today! To download, click the link  at the bottom of the page. YA urban fantasy at its best! What would you do if your life was filled with fear: hide, run away – or would you fight back? In a city at war with […] Original link
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Determination is the key!

Writers are prone to fits of melancholy and depression, brought about by lack of success and, possibly, too much coffee. This in turn leads to all cessation of writing activities, which takes us back to the above mentioned state of being.  It becomes a vicious circle, from which seemingly there’s no escape.  But there is. […] Original link
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

  …why do people do it? My twitter profile used to say I didn’t want any spam messages. This request was ignored, so I just put up with it and deleted them. But today I received one which actually made my jaw drop, due to its arrogance. It went as follows: Thank you for following […] Original link
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Since I retired, back in May, I have well and truly abdicated as the queen of procrastination. Since the day after I retired, I have written every day! Yes, you heard me – every day!  What brought about this startling transformation? Peace and quiet and the ability to organise my day as I see fit. I still wake […] Original link
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I will catch you if you fall…

…I’ll be there whenever you call. I’ll write your name in the sky. You memories will never die.     tweeting Filed under: poetry Tagged: memories, poem, sunrise, sunset Original link
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Become a Millionaire Selling Books on Amazon (Or Not)

Originally posted on Creative State of Mind : Photo credit: “Pack Of Money” by Gualberto107 via Free Digital A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a book on Kindle that promised authors they could make a million dollars selling books on Amazon. A quick search yielded dozens of titles promising writers they can easily become… Original link  
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Too Many Newsletters

Originally posted on Creative State of Mind : A year or two ago, I wrote an article called Five Easy Ways to Declutter your Email to help people (including myself) who struggle with an overwhelming inbox. Over the past week, I’ve revisited the advice laid out in this article because once again my email inbox has gotten out… Original link  
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Does a writer’s mind ever turn off?

Well, in a word, no! It seems to me that the musical score: Flight of the bumble bee  perfectly describes a writer’s thoughts. Frantic, scurrying about, always on the move, are also equally suitable metaphors to describe an author’s thought processes.  From the moment I wake up, to the time I go to sleep, I keep thinking […] Original link
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Magical books

No, I’m not talking about spell books, or grimoires, but fiction books in general. They allow access to adventures, mysteries and places the reader has never seen or experienced; the possibilities are endless. Of course speculative fiction, such as I write, allows the use of magic to enhance a sense of wonder and enthralment not […] Original link
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When is a writer like a sculptor?

The answer is that every time a writer puts pen to paper, or fingers to a keyboard, they are sculpting worlds and characters. Each time a story is moulded together, its creator is sharing their vision, displaying it to the world like a fine piece of art.  And writers are artists, but instead of marble […] Original link
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Writer’s block…

… is an author’s worst nightmare. It’s when you’re bereft of inspiration and, no matter how hard you try, your imagination seems to have shut down. In fact the harder you try, the worse the situation can become. The emptiness echoes around your brain, spreading darkness and desolation, along with the odd tumbleweed. This in […] Original link
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What’s in a name?

There are various ways of choosing names for your characters. For example calling them after someone you know, or perhaps a TV personality, film star, or even “collecting” names from gravestones, or consulting the Yellow pages and even the telephone directory 🙂 I once worked as a data processor for a famous catalogue, recording the details […] Original link
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Which is more fun to write…

…Heroes or Villains?  Personally I love writing the latter. As writers it’s our job to produce characters that intrigue the reader, and to raise questions about them that lead the reader on, until they gain the answers. Yes, I do evolve characters that have no redeeming features at all, such as Ezra, one of the […] Original link
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From your point of view…

From what point of view do you write? Your own, as the narrator? Multiple characters? Or first person? Personally I find it quite hard to write first person, as it’s too restrictive for me and it’s quite difficult to indicate what any of the other characters are thinking. Yes, you can use facial expressions, body […] Original link
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A plethora of adverbs, adjectives, gerunds & so forth.

Which one of these descriptive passages do you find easier to read? Which flows better? Totally terrified, she ran through the forest of trees, her heart thudding loudly in her chest. Tripping and stumbling, she staggered onward, totally exhausted. Filled with terror, she ran through the forest; her heart thudded in her chest. Tree roots […] Original link
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What’s in a difference?

As an author of YA urban fantasy, I use some of the criteria that applies to fantasy overall. For example, my characters have a goal or quest they must fulfil in order to achieve their destiny. They have certain powers that help them in their journey. They fight mythical creatures and they combat weird and […] Original link
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… political poker games …

Originally posted on Course of Mirrors : Ideas spook the night Hardly the will of people Who were told lies & fed Bizarre facts or fake events By those who contrived This fear that rocks the cradle And will have it swing In brittle boughs of nothing Rock-a-by baby They sing while fanning the wind Of… Original link
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