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Delicate Soul

Originally posted on Creative State of Mind : I wrote this haiku on a whim yesterday. Thinking about the current state of the world, I thought about other people, like me, who seem to be crushed under the weight of their own empathy. News stories that talk about war-weary refuges, children suffering from disease, hateful attacks… Original link
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Time to put things “Write”

What with one thing and another, 2016 was not a good year for me. For a start I’ve done practically no writing at all, apart from the odd blog post and a few apathetic attempts to work on my current wip, book one of The Songstress Trilogy.  The only reasons I can give for this lack […] Original link
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To resolve to do better…

Originally posted on KATE JACK'S BLOG : ? …or just go ahead and do it? Well, the snow is falling again on my blog, which means that time of year is rapidly approaching, and no, I don’t mean Christmas.  ? It’s New Year, of which I speak. The time when we all decide to make a… Original link
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The End.

Amazon review by Dee Harrison Magical ending to a great dystopian trilogy. Author Katrina Jack brings Jeremiah Tully’s journey to a close (sadly) but leaves the reader eager to know more. AMZN UK AMZN USFiled under: Book review Tagged: 5 stars, amazon, book lll, Book review Original link
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The middle…

Amazon review Through the Gloaming (The Silver Flute Trilogy Book 2 by Dee Harrison) eBook: Katrina Jack:  I was fortunate enough to win a copy of this, the sequel to Land of Midnight Days. Once more we meet Jeremiah Tully, the mute flute player and continue his exploits in a Dystopian future. This is just […] Original link
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The beginning…

Amazon Customer Reviews: Land of Midnight Days (The Silver Flute Trilogy Book 1 by Nerdish Mum) Oh my goodness this book sucks you right in and doesn’t let you out until its done! Land Of Midnight Days is fast paced and action packed. I genuinely couldn’t put this book down when I picked it up […] Original link
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A very unexpected adventure indeed!

Just finished reading An Unexpected Adventure, by Josephine Montgomery, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s my review of her work: A very unexpected adventure indeed! This is not your typical historical fiction. Yes, there is a 16th century setting, along with some fascinating facts about life in that time. King Henry makes a guest appearance, along with his […] Original link
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A different kind of spam?

I absolutely love Twitter. I enjoy perusing the different types of tweets and connecting with new people; it’s so much better than Facebook, where things can get somewhat political. This can result in backbiting, arguments, and some very nasty debates, as people get hot under the collar.   However, what I don’t like is that […] Original link
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The highs and lows of writing fiction

I love writing YA urban fantasy, when the words, plot, characterisation, etc, are flowing. But when it all grinds to a halt, that’s when it becomes frustrating.  When I finally finished The Silver Flute Trilogy, I experienced a sense of accomplishment that was positively euphoric! I was on a high. What made it even better, was […] Original link
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The pen writes on -II

Originally posted on KATE JACK'S BLOG : Words are my life-blood, my joy, my pain. They define who I am, they give me my name. Hope and despair in equal measures they give, They’re the reason I exist, the reason I live… Original link
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What kind of a writer are you?

By that I mean what’s your style? Plain and simple? Fast or slow? Or are you the flowery and exotic type?  All the above have their merits, however the trick lies in not overdoing it. For example, if you over-describe, going into every little detail, it will slow the narrative right down to the point […] Original link
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When do you write?

Early morning… …or late at night?   Personally I find my thoughts are clearer early in the morning. During the day, when I’m at work, I find my brain tends to slowly turn to cotton wool; by evening, all I want to do is vegetate.  Weirdly, though, it’s when I’m asleep that I get my […] Original link
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YouTube book trailers – narrative and music?

I think not. In my opinion it should be one or the other. The reason I say this, is that every book trailer I’ve seen that has  someone talking, with music in the background, I’ve found virtually unwatchable. Why? Because the sound levels are very rarely spot on, unless done by a professional. The result […] Original link
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