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Hobbit Mouse at Christmas pt2

  Oh, dearie, dearie the name of it all. Days have past and at last a new year has begun with no help from any boy nor girl nor even you. Poor Rodeo, what ever shall he do? Woe of woes Rodeo does not know what to do. Seven wishes he needs to write down for the mouse to grant one this year that is true. As he sits at his table day by day alone inside a storm water drain cause’in he could not even afford a hobbit home. With his thoughts of what he wants, hopes, dreams and desires to be and what he might really need. Woe of woes how hard can it be just seven wishes is all he is allowed to ask. But can only come up with one. A wish he thinks that could be good to help him be rid of hate from his...
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Hobbit Mouse at Christmas pt1

A long time ago in the shire. Lived an orphan hobbit Rodeo was his name. Rodeo was not like other hobbit oh no, Rodeo was a hobbit who had a dream that one day he would rise to be the hero of the shire and all others would praise him as one of them. Instead of looking down upon him because he had no parents and was forced to hide on the shire’s county limits. Now it just so happened one year not sure when but one year it happened as the Christmas celebrations got into full swing and the hobbitists were parting like it was the year 3939. Young Rodeo came to meet a mouse. Not just any old mouse but a talking mouse who run up the leg of the table as he sat down to eat day old stale bread the ba...
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My journey from a writer to an Author continues

Continuing from Yesterday. After my friend had given me justifiable reasoning to actually publish my first book which happens to be a fully Illustrated big picture book format for children and adults who just enjoy some clean wholesome adventurous fun reading. My next step was to source out a publisher who would be interested in bring The Mouse’s Diary to life. That lead to a very short search on the web which yield several publishing houses to choose from. At first, I thought about heir offers with traditional style publishing and self-publishing on offer. Well in the end I decided self-publishing presented the best option for this story to be a reality for readers everywhere. Hence my publ...
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From a Writer to an Author My Journey begins

Turning back the pages day to weeks; drifting months into years as moons’ over moons light up the night sky returns us to one night. Upon a spring season warmer than most during this time. Finds as looking at the life changing night when I, Kenneth Donaldson embarked from a writer and blogger of many years to begin walking the career path to be known as Author Ken Donaldson. I remember it well that night. Sharing conversation in yahoo messenger with one of my lady friends from Canada. Like me at the current time a writer in her own right though, she has still yet to be published and take her respected place as an Author among Authors like myself. Now where was I? …. Oh yes, on a warmer sprin...
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