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Crabb is on NetGalley

Good evening,My new novel, Crabb, is now on NetGalley and accepting reviews.If you are a book blogger or book reviewer, here is the link: you,Robert E. Kearns
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Readers' Favorite Five star Review for The Cries of Manor Lannigan

Reader's Favorite has awarded my story The Cries of Manor Lanningan a Five Star review.
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Hy Brasil:Island of Eternity an Authorsdb Cover Contest Semi finalist

Voting is open for the Authorsdb 2019 Cover ContestHy Brasil: Island of Eternity is now a semi finalist and hoping to go all the way.I'd appreciate your vote to help make it happen.Kind Regards.Robert E. Kearns
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Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity wins First Place in the Pencraft Awards

I'm delighted to announce that Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity has won First Place in the Pencraft Awards.Link:
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Inkslingers Creepy Stories - Halloween 2019

My writing group - Inkslingers has just released a compilation of spooky stories that we wrote of Halloween.Among them is a tale from me - The Harvest.Hope you enjoy.Here's the link:
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Something Called Permafrost is a Free Download this weekend

Something Called Permafrost - A Short Story from Robert E. Kearns is a free Kindle Download this weekend, Nov 9 and Nov 10Link:
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Fourth of July receives Five Stars from Readers' Favorite

My short story Fourth of July has today received five stars from Readers' Favorite.I'm delighted with this wonderful praise for my work.
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Free ebook this weekend: The Imposters of Badington Bay

My short story The Imposters of Badington Bay is a Free Download from Friday to Sunday.Hope you love it. Here's the link:
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Interview with The Authors Show

Here's the link to my interview with Danielle Hampson of The Authors Show.
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Authors Show - September 23

I'll be featured on The Authors Show with Danielle Hampson on September 23
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Interview with The Authors Show - September 23

My interview with The Authors Show is scheduled for broadcast on September 23.
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Readers' Favorite Review of 'Something Called Permafrost'

I was delighted to receive this review of 'Something Called Permafrost' from Reader's Favorite"I enjoyed this quick tale because it tells a complete story in a relatively short space. Molly is the only character, and yet her role in the story is well developed and comes to a dramatic and surprising conclusion. The story moves quickly in a straight exposition form, with no dialogue or interaction between characters, except the strange interactions between Molly and the frozen man her team exhumes from the ice. Best of all, this is a great, quick read that you can enjoy in one sitting, just enough to spark your imagination and immerse you into a scene that's different from your day to day life...
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A Retrospective Trip Down Tourniquet Lane - Free Download this weekend

A Retrospective Trip Down Tourniquet Lane will be a free Kindle download this weekend
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Free Download on August 30 and 31 - A Midnight Call to Monto

My short story - A Midnight Call to Monto, is a free Kindle download on August 30 and 31
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Readers' Favorite Review of 'The Two Faces of Killer Kilbride'

The ambiance and period of the setting serve the story’s dark element well. The Two Faces of Killer Kilbride is an apt title; the townsfolk are enthralled with the lead character so much that they appointed him as the mayor. It seems they made the right choice until this likable man shows his dark side to the ones who are unfortunate enough to be his victims. Kilbride is so infallible that an unexpected turn of events only rattled him a bit. Nevertheless, I’ll say no more, just know that this short story will make readers ponder about the real 'Kilbrides' out there who know how to woo and eventually silent their unsuspected victims. With lyrical but tight prose, Kearns gives readers an enjoy...
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The Book of Mostly Gibberish (With Some Good Stuff Too)

I'm delighted to announce the release of my latest compilation:The Book of Mostly Gibberish (With Some Good Stuff Too)It's a collection of lighthearted poems, serious short stories and humorous sketches.Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats.
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The Two Faces of Killer Kilbride

I'm pleased to announce that I've just published The Two Faces of Killer Kilbride on Amazon.A stranger arrives in the Texas town of Calvin where he fast establishes himself as a favorite.He becomes Mayor and marries a local beauty.However, there's a another side to Mr. KilbrideLink:
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Robert E. Kearns Author Page on Amazon

Find the listing for all my work on Amazon on the Robert E. Kearns page:
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A Retrospective Trip Down Tourniquet Lane

Tourniquet Lane and its cottage enter the thoughts of Henry and Lucy even though they live in different parts of the country.Through a series of letters, Henry gets around to asking his cousin if she might come to his estate for a visit. He's been ill of late and suggests the company might do him good. Besides, it will give them the opportunity to learn more regarding the mysterious cottage and occurred there when they were children.Link:
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Review of Jeremiah Kildare and The Wolf of the same County

I just received this terrific review from Book Angel for my Short Story: Jeremiah Kildare and The Wolf of the same County.This is a short supernatural story which fits a remarkable amount in given its length. The writing paints a very quick picture of his current life and how he can to be living like that, and describes the kind of person he is, as well as the bleakness of the land he inhabits. As a character there is little to say about him, but as the only one in the piece, his silence is understandable, and his actions speak loudly for him. The supernatural element is kept until the end, but makes it's impact when it does appear.Overall, an ideal coffee break story to while away 15 minute...
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