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Bronze award in the Global E-Book Awards 2019

Proud to announce ‘Vernon Hall & Other Stories’ has won a Bronze award in the ‘Horror Fiction’ category of the Global E-book Awards 2019! Alhamdullilah. 2019 Global Ebook Award Winners Original link
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‘Vernon Hall & Other Stories’ Book Launch has made the news recently! Original link
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Wishing Shelf Book Awards review on ‘Vernon Hall & Other Stories’

“‘Captivating characters in a dark, gothic world. Superbly written with a goldtipped pen” Editing: 10Plot: 10Writing Style: 9Cover/Illustrations: 9 Star Rating: 5 REVIEW As it happens, I do enjoy a good gothic novel, so I settled down with this offering from Sana Pirzada who I happen to know is the author of another book, The Rose Within. I enjoyed The Rose Within very much, and I was delighted it was a finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards in 2016.Well, I’m delighted to report that this is even better. Much better, in fact. Firstly, the writing style is excellent. The author understands pacing and how to develop characters through speech. Secondly, the setting. Wow! It’s so dark, so hau...
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US Review of Books review on ‘Vernon Hall & Other Stories’

Book review by Jordana Landsman “It was this place, this haunted castle, which played tricks on my mind.” Nice people meet scary myths and monsters in this spooky homage to vintage gothic horror. A kind but destitute young man rides through the 19th century London countryside only to meet a series of storybook demons who seem to know more about him than he does. A young girl finds refuge with a kindred supernatural figure and gives her a hefty gift. A house connects generations of mortals and others, holding secrets and souls until it can no longer bear the burden. Recurring images and themes connect these discomfiting stories. Mists swirl and apparitions come and go, all while kindly innoce...
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Vernon Hall & Other Stories Book Launch

The book launch for ‘Vernon Hall & Other Stories’ took place on Saturday 20th April, 2019 at the Marriott Hotel, Karachi. Guest speakers included: the highly intellectual Dr Nadya Chisty Mujahid and Mr Sirajuddin Aziz. The event received coverage in several newspapers including The News – International (London Edition)                                                               . Original link
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Vernon Hall and Other Stories

Book Cover Sana
The suspense is finally over! Here is a first look at the beautiful book cover for ‘Vernon Hall & Other Stories’ designed by the very talented Jelena Zibert! Another month or so to go until the book is published. In Sha Allah. Original link
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King’s College, London acknowledges the publication of ‘The Rose Within’

  Original link
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‘The Rose Within’ available at Waterstones, Barnes & Noble & Amazon Original link
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First look at the new cover for ‘The Rose Within’

First look at the new cover of ‘The Rose Within’ being published by Austin Macauley (UK publishers) on 30th May, 2018 in Sha Allah. Congratulations to ‘The Rose Within’ for making it this far! The ‘e’ on the cover page is the Silver medal won in the Global E-Book Awards one of the best achievements of the novel so far. This time both paperback and hardcover are being published and will be available from: and Original link
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‘Vernon Hall’ Chapter One

The coffin was empty. Where was her body? I was petrified. My head was dizzy and my body sluggish from the horrors of the night; yet I compelled myself to stand up. My vision was blurred and my senses benumbed. I shielded myself from the penetrating rays of daylight which streamed in through the stained-glass windows. I again looked into the glass window of the coffin to ensure I was not concocting a nightmare. But I was not. It was actually empty. I let out a cry, but then I realised it was pointless. Who would come to my rescue? Indeed there was no one in that house but her and me. Even if I had died at that very moment, no one would have known for days. It took me a while to regain my sen...
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Ramadan Reflections 2017

This is only the initial stage of Ramadan, but I’ve been contemplating a lot on the purpose behind this Holy month, my connection with my Creator and Islam in general. So far I’ve reached the following conclusions which are very basic in their scope but nevertheless are notions to ponder over: 1) It may sound as a cliche but fasting actually equips one to be tolerant and disciplined. We take food and water for granted – in our daily routines we fail to acknowledge what may be a daily struggle for many poverty-stricken people around the world. Even so we are still lucky Alhamdullilah that when we open our fast we have clean water and fresh food to eat – millions don’t. Irrespective of whether...
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The Apple Tree Garden

apple tree garden
  Chapter 1   Forgiveness is better than vengeance. Compassion is better than cruelty. To accept someone with all their imperfections; to see beyond the cracks of a broken mirror, to embrace a damaged soul, that is what makes us human and humane. At least that is what I believe in.   I was sixteen when my father found a new job as an engineer and we were compelled to relocate to Newbury in Berkshire. I had recently completed my GCSEs, and it was now time to embark upon the two most crucial years of academia which would catapult me into my future. Little did I know my sixth form years were not just going to impact my academic life, but something a lot deeper than that, something more intimate...
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Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2016

Congratulations to ‘The Rose Within – A Gothic Romance’ for being a FINALIST in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2016! Splendid news   Original link
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KLF 2017 – The Rose Within Stall

The Rose Within stall turned out to be a smash hit at the 8th Karachi Literature Festival, 2017 (Beach Luxury Hotel). Several media representatives and literary agents interviewed me; many bought autographed copies of the novel. It was a grand success!   Original link
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Karachi Literature Festival

The Rose Within will have its own stall at the ‘Karachi Literature Festival’ at the Beach Luxury Hotel between 10th – 12th February, 2017. Don’t forget to buy your copy   Original link
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The Withered Mistletoe – A Short Gothic Tale

“The sun rises and fades, ‎ The flowers bloom and wither away,‎ Night falls and the stars glow, When morning comes my heart is still filled with woe, You are not here with me, you are gone, My life is empty; ‎it sings a tragic song, I ask myself must everything beautiful end; Why does love always have to bend? ‎ And a voice answers ‘no’; love always transcends, With a new morning, the radiant sun, and blossoming flowers, ‎ Though the days have passed and painful were the infinite hours, All that has gone returns, Love that is true forever burns”   1.   It was Christmas Eve and the year was 1899. The snow had shrouded the streets of London and children sang Christmas carols in choirs on the s...
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Winner of Authorsdb Book Cover Contest!

The Rose Within has won it’s first award – a gold badge in the Authorsdb Book Covers Contest! Congratulations to the novel and to Ionna Papengeli the graphic designer behind the beautiful cover  Original link
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A Need for Good Samaritans Laws in Pakistan? by Sana Pirzada

Read my article on the need for Good Samaritan Laws in Pakistan: Original link
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Madame de Quincey – A Short Gothic Tale

“If I can stop one heartFrom breaking.I shall not live in vain:If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,Or help one fainting robinUnto his nest again,I shall not live in vain” – Emily Dickinson 1. Butterflies with blue, yellow and violet wings flew around the beautiful daisies and sunflowers. The last glimmers of the autumnal sunshine brightened Butterfly Meadow. Penny Brown was eight years old, she lived in Blackstone village nearby and every afternoon she sneaked into the meadow to catch a glimpse of the sunset and the magical butterflies and flowers. T’was a place much feared by the local villagers; it was said that Butterfly Meadow was cursed and haunted by the spirits of witch...
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Global Ebook Awards 2017

Congratulations to The Rose Within for being nominated in the Best Mystery Fiction category for the Global Ebook Awards – results to be released next year! Original link
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