cSong: Cracked Actor

Album: Aladdin Sane (1973)

Personnel: David Bowie (vocals, harmonica), Mick Ronson (electric guitars), Trevor Bolder (bass guitar), Woody Woodmansey (drums)

What I love about this track: The exploration of what happens when a performer confuses their character with themselves, which is the primary plot point of my novella entitled The Rock Star in the Mirror (Or, How David Bowie Ruined My Life).  Look for more on that in the coming days.

davidbowie-aladdinsaneTrivia: The album title is a pun on “A Lad Insane.” Additionally, “Cracked Actor” was used as the title for a mid-1970s documentary about Bowie’s Philly Dogs tour, from which today’s video is a clip.

Why I chose this video:  Bowie perfectly demonstrates, with his nod to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, an actor who can’t tell where the character ends and he begins. Note for those who are sensitive to such matters: the lyrics contain some double entendre.


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