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Blogging from A to Z: J is for Josephine

AtoZ2019tenthAnnAs we continue our celebration of 10 years in print for In The Eye of The Beholder, it’s time to meet another important character in the book. She was mentioned in my earlier post about Claire Delacroix.

Josephine is Claire’s Friesian mare.

I gave Claire a Friesian because the breed is both large and versatile. Originally bred in the Netherlands to carry men in armor, they’re now part of the light carriage horse class. They’re remarkably graceful for their size. Friesians were nearly extinct at several points throughout history, but have risen in popularity in recent years.

The most notable characteristics of the Friesian are their black coat, feathered hocks, and heavy manes and tails.

Josephine is based on a real horse, a stallion named Goffert 369. I was fortunate enough to see him do a lovely freestyle dressage in 2006. Six months later, he colicked and passed away. Horses are remarkably fragile creatures, despite their size, and stomach troubles can indeed prove fatal.

Here is a brief video, from the performance I saw.

If you would like to know more about Friesians in general, please visit the Friesian Horse Association of North America.


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