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Blogging from A to Z: K is for Kissing

Call it cheating if you want to; I am all too pleased to recycle this post. Honestly, this scene with Erik and Claire’s first kiss is one of my favorite parts of In The Eye of The Beholder

Sharon E. Cathcart

kI looked down at my gloved hands, twisting in my lap. “I kissed him before they took him away, Erik. That was the last touch of a man’s lips that I felt, still warm because he hadn’t been gone for long. After that, my cousin François sold the house in Baincthun. He sold my jewels and my books. He sold everything but Josephine and my clothes. He made me come with him and his riding troupe, because my father had appointed him as my guardian unless and until I married. He still controls the income from the allowance my father left me; I see none of it.”

I looked up at him. “That is all.”

“Claire, I have known only one woman’s kiss, and that one was quite … reluctant. If what I ask of you now is refused, I will understand. Please, Claire. I want you to feel a…

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