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BLOOD BOND is just #99cents

If you love dragons, you won’t want to miss this!

From Thursday, July 26 thru Tuesday, July 31, you can download my fantasy novel, Blood Bond, for just 99 cents!

Available only on Amazon.

Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. Download the Kindle App for free here.

Blood Bond: Book Description

Man severed the alliance with the dragons fifty years ago. But now an invading army marches north destroying everything in its path. The dragons believe only together can the invaders be defeated. They need an emissary.

Womanizer. Drunk. Failure. Soren is many things. A leader isn’t one of them. But, Dex, the dragon that saves him from a cliff, believes different. Thrust into an adventure he never wanted, Soren’s life changes forever when during a battle Dex’s blood mixes with his blood creating a mystical blood bond – forever linking them.

As the bond strengthens, Soren must decide whether to return to his old life or accept the bond and embrace his role in the battle against the invading army.


You can read the first chapter here, or check out Soren being thrown from a dragon here or confronting that dragon here.

Download Blood Bond for 99 cents here.

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