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Book Launch Guest Interview with Canadian Author Kaya Quinsey

Can a small-town mayor and big-city broadcaster have the romance that Jessica always dreamed of?

I'm pleased to welcome author Kaya Quinsey back to The Writing Desk. 

Tell us about your latest book?

Thank you for welcoming me to your blog, Tony. My new book, A Coastal Christmas, features the successful broadcaster Jessica Beaton who has it all: the perfect New York City apartment, high-flying career, and handsome boyfriend. And with Christmas around the corner, she has her sights set on one thing. A ring. 

But Jessica is humiliated when her co-host and boyfriend, Brett Fanshaw, almost proposes to her on-air before backing out, leaving her dumped and embarrassed on national television. In the midst of her heartbreak, Jessica leaves to go home to Pebble Shores for the holidays for the first time in years.

While retreating at her family's seaside house to evaluate her life, Jessica finds herself butting heads with Dean Adams, the Mayor of Pebble Shores, who isn't thrilled to have the media spotlight shed on their small town. Jessica couldn't imagine anyone being more of a Grinch.

After more than one mistake, Jessica proves that she's no A-list stereotype. Gradually, she becomes more enamored with life in Pebble Shores, the community spirit, and to her own surprise, Dean Adams. Suddenly, Brett arrives with a camera crew in tow, ready to give Jessica the dream proposal she had always wanted. Thankfully, Dean has his own surprise for Jessica waiting under the Christmas tree. 

What is your preferred writing routine?

I like to start each morning with writing. I've always kept a journal, and it helps focus my thoughts for the day. I love writing books with a large cup of coffee in a calm environment. I find that writing every day helps to keep the momentum flowing while I'm working on a book. 

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Write as much as you can as often as you can! 

What was the hardest scene you remember writing?

In A Coastal Christmas, I had a hard time writing the final scene because I didn't want it to end. I had a fantastic time writing this book!

What are you planning on writing next?

I'm working on another book set in a fictional community similar to Pebble Shores. If you're a fan of idyllic and cozy coastal towns, keep A Coastal Christmas in mind!

Kaya Quinsey

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About the Author 

Kaya Quinsey completed her undergraduate degree and master's degree in psychology. Kaya's passion for culture, travel, and psychology blend together for a reading style that is fun, full of surprises, and easy to read. A romantic at heart, Kaya's writing offers a contemporary twist to traditional love stories. Through her writing, she hopes to inspire women to fiercely chase their dreams.  Kaya resides in Toronto with her fiancé and cat. Find out more at Kaya's website: and find her on Twitter @kayaquinsey 
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