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Book Length in a Series – Does it matter?

Author Don Massenzio

nabakovThis is another post based on the book, Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve, by Ben Blatt, a book that looks at writing in a way that appeals to numbers geeks like myself as it looks for patterns and quantification of the books that we read and write.

So far, I’ve posted tidbits about his analysis of adverbsexclamation pointsgender identification in writingwriters following their own advicesimplicity in writing,  US vs. UK writing styles and author name size on book covers.

This post focuses on those of us that write books that are part of a series.

hardy boysBlatt starts out by talking about the famed Hardy Boys series. The creator of the series, Edward Stratemeyer, specified that every book had to contain the same number of chapters and, beyond that, each book had to be 216-217 pages.

Whenever writers submitted manuscripts…

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