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Book release: Responsibility Rebellion by Kain Ramsay & Cinzia Dubois. An unconventional approach to personal empowerment.

Many of us crave more fulfillment in life, but we don't know how to find it. We try everything to feel better, from changing jobs and dating new people, to attending therapy and taking pills. We grasp at the superficial, and externally overcompensate for our internal voids and self-doubts. What we don't realize is that avoiding responsibility only postpones the inevitable—that nothing about our life changes until we change.

You will not become empowered until you choose to take responsibility for the role you've played in undermining yourself. Finding more fulfillment, satisfaction, and inner-peace is your responsibility because no one else cares.

In Responsibility Rebellion, author Kain Ramsay discusses why we often rely on easy steps and magical formulas to find fulfillment, only to come up short. He'll equip you with a structured roadmap for personal growth and progress—one that shows you how to be better, rather than feel better.

About the author

Based in Dunfermline, Scotland, Kain Ramsay is an impassioned social entrepreneur, coach, mentor and teacher. Kain is respected amidst the world’s top thinkers in the domain of modern applied psychology.

Partnering with some of today’s leading social innovators, Kain advises inspired entrepreneurs, social innovators, coaches and influencers as they further improve themselves, fill their potential and transform the world one person at a time.

Notable societal change begins with a social paradigm shift. Through his trademark manner of raw, passionate ‘preacher-like’ oration, Kain’s unique approach continues to evolve the fields of personal growth and applied psychology.

Kain originated his career in the British Army and has earned many credits in the social sciences, counselling, coaching, leadership and people management.

Kain lives in Scotland with his wife, Karen.


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