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Book review: Arcadia’s Children 3 : Pushley’s Escape is the third novel in the Arcadia’s Children series.

Arcadias’s Children 2 :The Fyfield Plantation.

The main characters remain the same. Mick Tarmy, Claire Hyndman and Nonie Tomio.

Ed Pushley is an archaeologist but his mind has been taken over by a spettro that Mick Tarmy dubbed as Irrelevant. (My name is Irrelevant, Mr Tarmy.)

Irrelevant and Pushley are now one. Following Irrelevant’s death their minds have fused. Kept captive by Alton Mygael, Pushley frantically tries to find a means of escape.  Damaging his isolation helmet during a moment of frustration, Pushley realises that with perseverance he can remove it, and can use Irrelevant’s immense psychic powers to gain his freedom. Once he does, what will he do to Mick Tarmy and his team?  Pushley is intent on revenge.

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It took me a few pages to pick up and get back into the action. Book 3 continues with the story and delves deeper into the world of Arcadia's Children. 
All the characters are back and ready for action. With many twists and adventure, you are whisked away as Pushley make life-changing decisions that brings you to a wonderful conclusion.
The author's writing style and visual imagery draws you in and its fast pace has an easy flow that makes this a quick read. 
A must-read for science fiction readers.

Charade once again

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